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Week 2 show summary

Hey everyone! It feels like it has been so long since I posted anything to my blog. This of course doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy at work doing my DS106 assignments! Today my group and I finished up our 30+ minutes of content for our broadcast coming up. I had a lot of fun making my commercial, and putting together my 3rd of the show. On top of creating my own content, I also took on the responsibility of editing all of our work together and touching some things up here and there, before final delivery. My partners made it pretty easy to splice everything together at the end, and I think we did a great job moving throughout the show and keeping it entertaining, and also playing some great music along the way. I don’t have anything physical to show for my work besides these words and a google spreadsheet, but I don’t think either of those things would be interesting.

I really enjoyed the challenge of blending all of our parts together and working as a group to make sure we developed a cohesive listening environment for you all, and I think we did just that. To create some original sounding content, and things that weren’t too boring to listen to, a lot of my process involved creating unique sound profiles in my work. Freesound.org was my go-to for unique sounds that I could place throughout my show and it was ever-helpful.

Take my word for it! This week was crazy busy, but we got a ton of work done, and made ourselves an awesome show, despite all the hurdles! You’ll see soon! Thanks for reading!

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