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Week 4 – Summary

Hello all, and welcome back to another riveting conclusion of my week’s endeavors in DS106! Photography was something that used to be a much larger part of my life, which I discussed at length on my photo blitz challenge¬†post. Since high school, I have grown out of it. This week was a nice reminder of the things that I used to do, but I was much more appreciative of my classmate’s work- than I was excited to create my own.

I liked the photo blitz challenge because it was definitely a good way to spend 20 minutes getting creative and looking around my home for anything interesting. As I worked through it though- I thought that the prompts used by the website could be more specific at time, (or just more interesting in general in some cases). I know this is of no fault to the creator of the website, because who can think of something that will interest everyone all the time? But I do think that a suggestion box will be a good addition to the photo blitz website.

After the photo blitz, I went on to complete my first assignment for the week. I took a fun photo that I found in my camera roll and edited it to change the colors to be something completely different from what it was before. I really liked how much it made me think of all of the small ‘corners’ of the photograph, per se. This assignment was worth a whopping 2.5 stars.

Next came my before/after the apocalypse assignment. At the time, it was worth four stars, it has since been demoted to just 3, I don’t have the time today to make up the difference after seeing the star count change (because I have to drive my parents to the airport). I liked the result of this assignment a lot, and I think it was for sure my favorite assignment of the week. I am really happy with the result of the time I put into it. Finding the best photo to start¬†with was honestly just as hard as editing it, if not harder.

I do not have much to say about my third visual assignment of the week, it was just a simple selfie with a pet. Nothing tricky about that. The hardest part out of all of it was holding his hefty self up long enough to get a clear picture. Just a fun quick assignment here.

Lastly, my final visual assignment of the week, a guessing game. The gist of it was that I took 3 objects, took 3 close ups of the objects, and then it was up to you to guess what they were. I’ll leave the comments to just that, in case any of you reading this are still interested in checking that out! This prompt was a lot of fun because I got to try to think of thinks to take pictures of that would really stump my readers.

This week was fun, but it was a lot of work, being that I have a lot of more pressing classes in my schedule, I hope the course load never gets much higher than what it was this week. I had to put a couple of my other homework assignments on the back burner this week to make time for the sheer time consumption that I knew these twelve stars would take up.

This week I tried to positively influence my classmates by making funny posts, replying to tweets, and trying to comment on a post or two a day.

Thanks for reading! Below are my daily creates from the week!

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