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Week 2 summary

Hello there, fellow agents! Week two is coming to a close, and now I get to take a moment to reflect on the things that I have learned, enjoyed, disliked, and accomplished overall.

After intercepting and decoding a classified video stream between two operatives (which is now available on YouTube here), I spent the first few days of the week replying to daily creates on my Twitter account. Here are my first, second, third, and fourth daily create contributions. In an effort to increase my communications with other students, I followed a few more of my classmates on Twitter, and am still actively looking for more people to follow daily.

Above is one instance of one of my interactions with another student, where I reached out to comment on one of the photos she shared. I also commented on a few of my classmate’s blogs directly, but I can’t seem to find the blogs/posts where I left comments. This is something I’m going to pay closer attention to going forward, so I can be sure to find the posts again for the weekly summary.

Additionally tasked to us this week- was a requirement to complete 3 assignment bank prompts. The first assignment I selected to do, can be found here. From the visual assignment category, I really appreciated the simplicity of this assignment. Because it wasn’t procedure heavy, it gave me time to actually think about the places that bring me peace, and not just make me check a bunch of boxes to get a tedious assignment done. This was also the one assignment I did in theme.

My second assignment bank assignment was actually pretty fun for me to do. I selected a design assignment for this one. I liked using the software on my computer to edit the photo to look and deliver a completely different message. If I do say so, I think I managed to keep the recognizability of the ‘got milk?’ ads just the same. I’m not sure if it would be against a trade mark, but if I was a silk milk executive, I would look into using it- or a variation (maybe I’m just biased, who knows).

Here is my 3rd assignment bank assignment. From the writing category, I kept this one simple, without weighing too much into it. I wanted to explain where the quote came from, why I was reading it, and then I simply wanted to present the quote as it was found in the book. I think it is a very potent quote, and when read inside the context, it becomes even more so. I highly recommend that book for anyone interested in running their own business.

Finally, I left a comment in our slack channel and worked on the design of my blog. It can be found near the top of the channel, as I was one of the first to comment. I said (and I stand by my statement) that The Bourne Trilogy + 4th movie are some of the best spy films ever made, if not the best ever. In terms of my blog, I optimized my blog by removing the example posts that came with it, and also made the home directory much more efficient. Now, instead of clicking around aimlessly, the posts are sorted nicely into the corresponding weeks and labeled for ease.

This is what my Home page looks like now, way better than it was before!

My favorite thing this week was definitely the daily creates, they’re a nice, few minute pause from life. They give me an opportunity to do something quick and creative. Enjoying that aspect the most out of any of the other parts of our class thus far. There was nothing about this week that I really disliked. I think if there was ever a load any more than what we had this week, it could become problematic for me. I have a lot of other course work, so this week was pretty close to the max of what I can set aside time-wise. I hope that won’t be a problem, but we will see.

Excited to see what our class comes up with for week 3, thanks for reading!

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