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Video Essay – Rushmore

Hey there everyone, here’s my video essay for #Ds106.

The scene I chose to look at was the revenge scene from ‘Rushmore’ by Wes Anderson. I chose this scene specifically because it was from a movie that I really enjoy aesthetically. Plus, when I think of original directors, it is hard for me to think of any modern director outside of Anderson. Known for his quirky sets, filled with extreme detail, Wes uses his direction to create crazy worlds and feelings within his often fast-paced, strange films.

Rushmore is no exception. I really enjoyed learning about what to look for in a film from the assigned videos, and they were very insightful. One of my more artistic pleasures is watching films, and specifically trying to see what is not meant to be seen. I watch the opposite of what is supposed to be the subject of a lot of scenes. I find that I like films the most when attention is paid to even background characters, and those small, insignificant out of focus characters are doing interesting things. Anderson is a master at this, it makes his films a visual smorgasbord- a pleasure for a viewer like myself.

In the end, I actually subscribed to every frame of a painting- the YouTube channel that made the video essays that we were assigned to watch. I will absolutely be watching more of what he puts out. Overall, this assignment was great, and I really feel like I’m better equipped to pull apart movie scenes, and see the intention behind the basics.

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