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Time Lapse Activity (Motorcycle stuff)

Hey everyone, here’s a time lapse of some of the work that I’ve done on my motorcycle.

Like I say in the video, I took a ton of footage throughout the process of the project, but I got tired of constantly moving the camera around, and my phone constantly running out of battery. It’s a shame that I never finished it up. I made the time lapse in iMovie on my phone and then transported it to my laptop and uploaded it from there, easy as pie. iMovie also makes it really easy to record voiceovers too- by the way.

From the footage I had collected, I definitely had the potential to make one of the most detailed ‘non-professional’ belt-to-chain conversion videos on YouTube. It sounds super vague, but it is actually an extremely in-demand tutorial, because good tutorials save people hundreds of dollars that they would’ve spent at the shop if they can’t do it themselves. For the cheap gearhead, its a financially sound, fun hobby. Plus the major upside is that you end up with a cool, unique bike, that you built up yourself. It is really something special.

It’s unfortunate that just a few days ago, I finally deleted all of the footage off of my phone (permanently, I even checked my recently deleted folder) because I thought I was never going to do anything with it. It would’ve been the perfect reason to finally make the video up, but too little too late I suppose!

I hope the gist of the video/process still gets across with the few clips and photos that I saved of the process, if you want any information about the process or identification of what a part might be, let me know and I’d be happy to talk about it more down below!

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