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The Ultimate Logo-Merger

Hey there everyone, it’s me again, with another completed weekly assignment. This one gives me 4 stars, which puts me well over the 12 star target for this week. This logo merger assignment is something that reminds me of a daily create that we had near the start of the semester.

In this daily create, I used the label off of a 2L bottle of Coke to paste it onto a Heinz bottle. Interestingly enough, my new logo also has to do with Heinz. Initially, I thought to reference this old Coca-Cola mashup and to just do it again, but better. Instead of this, I chose to move forward with something kind of funny.

Onto the new Logo

Anyone who has looked into the world of modern fashion- particularly streetwear, has heard of the ultra-famous brand: Supreme. People from the outside are often mind-boggled at the thought that people pay hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars for their clothing items. Here’s an example of their most popular tee, that often costs $200 or more- used.

One might ask, “WHY?”- and they’d be mostly right. At a deeper look- though, they’d find out that these shirts retail for just $40-$60 dollars most of the time. The price inflation comes from their limited-number runs and extreme exclusivity. They treat their shirts as if they’re a precious commodity- and it has worked. Many people drool over these shirts simply because of the exclusivity of them.

With that background given, here’s the logo I made.

Heinz-Supreme mashup. It wouldn’t be their first. They have collaborated with many brands- most notably, Louis Vuitton (yeah, seriously).

Here’s what I started with.

Their simple, legendary “bogo”, as it is called. A slang term used to mix “box logo” into one word.

The process:

This was taken midway between the two logos. I used the color-matching tool to take the background color, and cover up the old “Supreme” logo with it.

I then took out the text editor, put “Heinz” in, and matched the font to the best of my abilities (I think it’s actually pretty close if you ask me). The final touch that made it really look close was italicizing the letters in the box. Anyway, let me know what you think! How much do you know about supreme? I know it’s kind of a meme now, and I suppose this Hienz-‘Preme mashup isn’t helping its case.

Thanks for reading!

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