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The Job interview

I hope you guys like this video. Let me know down below!

Hello all, one of our assignments this week is to create an interview with our character based off of a few questions that were recorded already. We need to take the existing videos, chop them up, and make an interview for your character out of it.

I want to lead by saying that this process is incredibly time consuming. Seriously if you’re reading this on the weekend/early on in the week, get a jump on this ASAP. It took me a few hours to get through this whole process. The longest part of this for me was getting the clips all cut up, and the quickest part was the actual filming of everything. To get the clips from the videos, I used online YouTube-to-MP4 sites to pull the YouTube videos down so I could get the clips that I needed.

I recommend that you use Animotica, if you’re on a windows machine (Apple should obviously go with iMovie). Animotica is free, easy to use, and they don’t ask for your credit card unlike 99% of the others out there. It’s available though the Microsoft store app if you’re interested.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the video, or at least will take my warnings into considerations and not wait until Friday to do this one, you will not be a happy camper.

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  1. Christiana Meyers March 25, 2019

    This is amazing and hilarious. Loved how realistic you made it also. Well done

  2. Lauren March 25, 2019

    Good job making this really funny! I felt like this was a real interview that I was watching.

  3. Paul March 27, 2019

    You might end up with a job offer with that performance. Nice editing. Thank for the tip about Animotica too.

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