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The 6.1 Million-dollar man

Son of Colt and Kathryn Luger, Richard ‘Rich’ Lancer grew up on the south east side of Boston. As anyone who was there in the early 70s will tell you, it wasn’t a nice place. Richard and his family grew up near Little Italy. His parents were killed by the mafia when his father refused to pay them their protection money. Richard was 7 at the time. He stayed in and around Boston throughout the rest of his childhood and teen years- bouncing from one foster home to another, every few months. Angry, depressed, and alone, Richard took his rage out on the people around him, making it ever harder for himself.

One day, when Richard was just 16, he falsified his paperwork and enlisted in the US Army infantry. From there, he found his footing and began to blossom into a responsible young man. He wanted to be the best. Into Airborne school he went, then Ranger, and then he was invited to try out for the Green Berets. Richard- as determined as he was, flew through these training scenarios. He lived for the pressure, it felt like home for him. He stayed on with the Berets for 4 years when he was finally invited to a remote base for a chance to summit the highest mountain in all of the military branches. Delta Force. Richard excelled even here, driven evermore by the pressure, and his longing for recognition throughout the ranks. Lancer was selected to lead his own combat team just a few months after joining up- and his team was ran meticulously. Never taking so much as a sprained ankle, while conducting off-the-books operations the most hostile places on earth. Lancer’s team became his family.

One day, after a seemingly successful raid on a soviet HVT’s compound, their extraction helicopter was shot down. Almost nobody survived the flaming explosion that shot down the helicopter, let alone the crash itself. Richard was cut almost in half by the tail rotor, leaving him a gory mess- what they thought to be his corpse was recovered strewn about 30 yards from the wreckage. They were amazed that he still had a pulse- he was rushed to a nearby safehouse where a team of doctors was already on standby. They worked for 3 days to stabilize him – where he went in and out of cardiac arrest multiple times. They finally decided that the only way to save him would be to replace his heart with the small moped engine in the front yard.

The doctors knew it was a long shot, but they went for it anyway. To their amazement, his chest cavity fit the moped engine like a glove! They recovered his legs from the crash site and rebuilt them out of steel to be better than they were when he started.

From sheer determination and a sense of duty to his fallen brothers, Richard said there would be nothing that would stop him from exacting revenge. Recognizing their opportunity, the Department of Homeland Security gave him a secret lair in Siberia, a new identity, unlimited funds, and a team of computer nerds to hack their targets and garner information. Richard Lancer was henceforth known as his codename: Frostbite.

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