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Summary- Week 3

This week has been by far my favorite week so far. Potentially the reason for this is a mix of the fact that writing is one of my favorite forms of being creative and that I was very proactive in getting the assignments done so that they didn’t conflict with my time during the week for studying for my other classes. Either way, it was a good week for me.

I started this week off by tackling the story analysis assignment on early Saturday morning, posted here. In this assignment, I discussed what the best spy story is, in my own opinion. I liked this assignment, and I liked the opportunity to read what my classmates viewed as the best spy story. Partly related, here is my character dossier that I loosely based on a mix of Barry from Archer, hence the photo, and Jason Bourne.

That same day, I moved on to complete another assignment later in that afternoon. This assignment was probably my favorite of the week (4 stars). It reminded me a lot of my creative writing class that I took back in high school. The prompt gave me a lot of freedom to talk in detail about some small part of my day. I enjoyed the challenge to make the reader feel like they could see what I was looking at/ experiencing. A constructive comment was left on this post by another student that I replied back to, and I appreciated the kind words.

For my second writing assignment of the week, I took on Writing Assignment 1924 (3 stars). The task was simple, to take a poem and to parody it. I didn’t want to take any sort of poem that was already light and to just change the words a bit. Instead, I wanted to take on a more serious, ‘classical’ poem and try to really change its meaning. Here is my end result, in case you wanted to look over it. I received another constructive comment on this post, which reminded me to go and leave some on some other student’s posts as well- (which I did).

My final writing assignment of the week was a three star assignment, called ‘A story in Alphabet’. Here’s the link to this last post. Basically, I had to write a 26-word story using one letter of the alphabet to start each word. I wasn’t sure if the letters had to be in alphabetical order, but it added difficulty, so I kept them in order.

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