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Sport Highlights – SBD

Hey guys, thanks for tuning in for another one of my posts today. 4 more stars down after this one, 2 to go!

I was initially on the fence about doing this video assignment, but I chose to go for it because it mentioned ‘practices’ being acceptable footage. In my sport, which is powerlifting, there aren’t any textbook definition ‘practices’. Although if you really look at it from our perspective, our workouts are our practices. This is because when we execute our motions in the main lifts, we’re practicing form- and thus practicing execution for when we get to competitions.

Form is something that is incredibly important in this sport, because when in competition, we are working under maximum loads – and pushing our muscular-skeletal structures to what is hopefully new personal records (and maybe even state, national, or global records).

As a ‘highlight’ the first video shown in my post is a 3-part buildup to my most recent personal record. I deadlifted 530lbs without a belt, which was my deadlift record with a belt a few months ago.

Luckily, I had absolutely no shortage of footage to choose from of me doing my sport. I record myself so that I can watch my form and make corrections between workouts. Posting it to Instagram keeps my phone from running out of space. Using this video-review strategy, I’ve made a lot of progress in the last couple of months, but I end up gaining a few more followers a week as my numbers steadily creep up to more impressive levels.

Are you interested in powerlifting? Leave a comment or shoot me a follow on the gram, if you’re looking to get started I can help with that, too! Thanks for reading.

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