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Secret Agent Hip/Hop hour – Reflection

Listening to the Secret Agent Hip-Hop reflection hour was a great way to spend ballpark 40 minutes. The approach to the show was very relaxed. I enjoyed listening to it because of the way they spent the time discussing the topics in their show.

The commercials they implemented were pretty funny as well. It was cool to see a group do an approach to the commercial ideas where they didn’t make some new or original product. They just took something, put a funny twist on it, and got back to business. It was really cool to see that because It hadn’t even crossed my mind as an option.

While the sound quality of the show was a little bit far on the ‘relaxed’ side, as in it sounded like it was recorded in one-take on a laptop in the middle of a room- it was’t necessarily a bad thing. This was essentially the only thing that I could say ‘it didn’t work’ in terms of the quality/end result of the show. What did work was the way they used the exact same relaxed approach to cultivate a podcast-like end product.

Overall, I very much enjoyed the hip-hop hour! A tweet I sent during the show describes it best.

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