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Ride my moped- a CRAIGSLIST AD

Hey there everyone. My final assignment for the week is this web storytelling document. Here’s a link to my functioning webpage!


It would not let me embed it, but the link above should be working properly. This is the link that I used as a springboard to create the new x-rayed page.

I personally spend a TON of time on craigslist searching for deals that I can buy and resell, to make some extra money on the side. So, I know a lot about how they tend to look. In order to add a spy-twist to the page, I made the moped into a spy-ped. The google x ray tool is a very cool thing in my opinion, and they made editing the page like I did when I was a kid, when we would go in and ‘inspect element’ one thing at a time to make a page look completely different. The x-ray is essentially a way more streamlined version of that, which I can appreciate.

The offer on the table is that one can ride on this super-sweet spy-ped for only $1400 per half mile. Most of that money goes to the jet fuel expense, unfortunately.

Would you ride the spy-ped? What if you got to shoot the miniguns?

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