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Hey there!

According to the week five assignment sheet, as a class, we’re gearing up to host our very own online radio show. I tried to check out the online radio stream, but it didn’t seem to be playing anything at this moment. I’m not sure if that’s something on my end, but I’ll keep looking into it and see what the deal is soon.

In order to prepare for our radio show hosting- we have been tasked with brainstorming ideas to fill a 20-30 minute broadcasting gap. As such, we need to have ideas for things to discuss, listen to, and whatnot. I suppose that what we talk about will be influenced largely by what it is that our class chooses to make our radio station into.

Here’s my list of generic things to talk about on air:

  • Current local school sports news
  • General local news
  • Talk show type things
  • A good prank call (they used to make my drive into high school so much more enjoyable)

Things I would talk about If I had my own show:

  • Powerlifting news
  • New scientific fitness and health studies
  • Fad diet discussions
  • Interviews with pros/ high level athletes
  • Training style discussion, Texas method, training periodization, 5×5, all of it.

Obviously, I doubt that anyone else in this class has even remotely the same interests as myself- so I know these won’t come to fruition. Which is totally fine! I would just say to reference list A for the more plausible radio station setup.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you’d rather listen to show A or show B on the radio.

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  1. Hannah E Kolkmeyer February 15, 2019

    Yo what’s up! I’m actually really interested with your radio show ideas. I’m really into weight lifting and always looking for scientific ways to improve my form and stuff! Don’t knock your ideas yet!

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