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Hey everyone! I’m here today to talk about my group and I’s upcoming radio show, and to get you excited enough to tune in for our chunk of airtime! I’ll lead with what you clicked for, the poster design:

We don’t know what time our chunk of audio will run, but I will definitely shoot out a tweet for that later on when we know that information!

So, why should you tune in? Well, we’re going to play awesome spy music, for one. On top of that, we plan to discuss a lot of cool spy-related themes, such as spy technology, tools of the trade, and maybe even get some stories from real-life spies. The theme of our show is not particularly limited to anything, so the limits are our own creativity.

I created this poster after spending some time clicking around on the internet looking for a poster editing software. I eventually settled on using a site called canva. It had a beautiful and very simple user interface, and I enjoyed adjusting the colors of my poster and tweaking the design to fit my mental image. If you are going to create a poster for your show using an online editor, I highly recommend using canva.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, or any of the tips I provided in it. Let me know what you think of the design down below!

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  1. Lauren February 27, 2019

    Love your poster, it was very colorful!

  2. Kendall February 27, 2019

    This looks great!!

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