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Hey everyone! Today I’m checking in to share an update on my progress so far this week towards our group’s project. In terms of teamwork- everything is as good as can be. My group and I have been working well together, interfacing about different ideas and weighing pros & cons. A lot of the communications have been our attempts at trying to plan how we can best take on our goals as a group and finish the assignments efficiently and on time.

I started out this week by taking and creating a new poster to advertise my group’s shot at airtime. The poster was very colorful and fun for me to design, I really enjoyed using the software that I used as well. The simplicity of the software made it an enjoyable process, and if I ever needed to make a poster for anything I would definitely use that product again and happily buy from them. Here’s the link for that post if you want to check it out. Also, the nice notes that were left on that post did not go unnoticed! I made sure to reply and thank everyone that posted.

The next assignment I completed that was show-related this week (while also taking out 4 stars), was my new radio bumper assignment. I talked a lot about my design intentions within that post, so I will keep my discussion here short. I really enjoyed making this spy-themed bumper, and I think I did really well in giving is a strange, ‘intercepted audio’ feel, like something a spy would hear while listening in on some adversaries. I could be biased, though. So, you should give it a listen, and let me know if I’m wrong or not.

As of today, I’ve started to officially chalk up designs for what my radio show commercials will be, as well. I’m planning on keeping this under wraps until show time in a few weeks, but I’m planning on definitely giving it an old-time radio feel. I’m looking forward to working on it this weekend and really putting some time into the sound production of it all.

That’s it, folks! Thanks for reading, have a great afternoon!

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