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Photoblitz Challenge

Where the photoblitz began, 1 o’clock sharp. I took a picture of the screen because I thought it would have a more interesting background than just a screenshot.
Prompt 1: Take a photo of a bird today. I went outside to look for a bird, but I couldn’t find one that didn’t fly away when I got close enough for a decent picture. Because of this, the rooster that watches over my kitchen will have to suffice.
Prompt 2: “The theme is red […]” Basically, I just had to take a picture of something red that was interesting. I chose this tea pot, because it was whistling in the background and kind of jumped out at me because of this.
Prompt 3: “Take a photograph of the front of a building.” Since I had already started the blitz in my house, I did not have time to drive somewhere and take a picture of an interesting building. So, I took a picture of a painting of an interesting building. Reducing the glare from the natural light in my house was the hardest part of this photo.
Prompt 4: “Make a silhouette by aiming the camera into a bright light.” French bulldog, sunlight, silhouette.
Prompt 5: “Geology is everywhere, parks, building materials, etc.” This prompt was super vague, but I selected this Faberge piece to represent this prompt because the white parts are all pearl.
Prompt 6: “Wood has a lot of character and variety. A photo of something wooden.” I tried to find the most character-filled wooden items in my house. To the left is the high chair that my father, and all three of my brothers used when we were toddlers. The years of use shows in the worn seat and foot bar. To the right is an ornate wooden chest that my dad as had for many years, handed down from his mom.
Prompt 7: “Take a photo of a plastic object.” I wasn’t sure which one I liked more, so I went ahead and posted both of these. Self explanatory, but the plastic item is the key-ring dog toy. Somehow, it is bacon flavored. He loves it.

I enjoyed the photo blitz challenge overall, I think it is a fun way to spend a sliver of a day being creative and challenging yourself to make some art. The only complaint I have is that the prompts could’ve been more interesting, or worded more effectively.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Caty Warner February 4, 2019

    I had the same key ring for my dog when he was a puppy! Your dog is adorable.

  2. Lauren February 4, 2019

    I love your puppy! Good job on this!

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