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Hey everyone, yesterday afternoon I was working on a new bumper for our upcoming show. Today while I was re-reading the weekly assignments I realized I could apply some of my stars for this week to that very task. Because of the fact that I designed the bumper for our you’re kind of getting a sneak peak for our upcoming show in a few days!

Because of the nature of the spy genre, I wanted to use the bumper to bring light to a few things, which I will discuss further below.

The first thing that is noteworthy in my bumper is the static-y, weird, sound interceptions in the background. I got these sounds from a big file that contained many different random sound bites of radio transmissions from outer space (NASA stuff). I took the bites, chopped them up a bit, and then edited them to fade out at the right time. My entire intention of this was to create a spy-like radio interception sound in the audio clip.

The second thing that I wanted to make noticeable in the clip was the 1950s radio transmission. The main point of my inclusion of this was the point to hint on the sheer age of the secret agent them. I’m not sure quite how old the secret agent theme is exactly, but it is undoubtedly something that has captured the attention of the world for many decades now.

The third thing that is noteworthy in my clip is the thing where I mention that we’ll be listening to a couple of classic spy songs throughout the show. Listen to the clip again and see if you can hear the meaning behind those sounds. Anyway, four more stars down! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Gabrielle Moore March 1, 2019

    This is really creative and nicely put together!

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