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My Buzzfeed Personality Quiz

Hey there everyone! I’m back again with another post updating you on my weekly progress. In my other update post, I mentioned that I had been battling the BuzzFeed quiz maker. I’ve now put about two hours of effort into getting my personality-career quiz post to work, but I’m waving the white flag. It seems to me that only some of my question’s answers are going to post as they should. I’ve sent an email over to the team at BuzzFeed to see if there’s any guidance they can give me on the matter. As I wait, I consider posting screenshots to prove that I have questions and answer options written out for all of my quiz’s questions. I think that I’m going to hold off for now, though- if the end of the week comes and there’s still no dice on making my quiz work, I’ll post the screenshots.

As you can see on my quiz if you click it, it almost works. I have no idea why it is selectively showing some answer options, but not others. Your guess is as good as mine, or better. If you’ve experienced this problem and know how to work around it, please leave a comment down below!

My reservation lies in the fact that I do not want to post the quiz’s questions and answers yet because the quiz-building interface would give away what career you would also be selecting an answer for. As you would expect, I took a comical approach to my quiz in both the questions, answers, and also the career results. Because of this, I would hate to ruin the punchline of something that could be pretty funny if it was working properly. For now, try that link, and if it works, great! If it does not, keep your fingers crossed, and know that I’ve emailed BuzzFeed and hopefully it’ll be up (and running properly) soon!

Most of these views are by me, trying to see if my attempts on the back-end of the quiz builder fixed the problem in the front. Click the link to see what I mean.

Hopefully, my quiz will be working ASAP! This assignment was worth 4 stars, and almost three hours of effort, so you better believe I’m going to make it work!

UPDATE: Checked the FAQ, and apparently this is normal..? Not exactly the same issue, but it’s probably safe to say that they’re related. Time will tell!

UPDATE 2: The BuzzFeed support team never go back to me, so here are my results and questions, as promised.

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