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Hey there everyone, I have spent the past hour and a half working on my final 4 start for this week. The assignment I chose to do was one that nobody has attempted in the past. I think it is strange that nobody has at all, but then again it was pretty difficult to make anything stand out from the song that plays in the background of the scene in the movie.

The Audio:

Couldn’t put a picture up, but the song is very telling. Think comedies.

What happened:

Initially, I put a lot of work into making the sounds match the same points in the scenes as they were at in the song on the playthrough, but I ended up wit a track that basically felt like the same song, just with two or three sounds randomly played through it.

I also ran into problems uploading, because soundcloud kept copyright blocking me. I had to go into the song, and chop out a ton of random spots so the soundcloud police would miss it.

I ended up having to distort the most famous part heavily, in order to get it slipped by as well. I can’t say that this easy by any means, and I definitely earned my four stars today. Thanks for reading!

By the way, the scene was the Mike Tyson scene from the Hangover, where he punches Allen in the face right after they sneak in on him listening to this song, a great scene. I created a body falling sound, but I think it got lost in the distortion unfortunately.

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