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Mission Update – Progress

What’s up everyone, I’m coming in this week from an undisclosed location to share some information about my mission. This week, I’ve made a lot of progress in my task of bending multiple mediums into one cohesive story that is not too painful to watch. My main priority is to get great footage, using the techniques that we studied a few weeks ago during the film blocks.

I’ve made progress thus far by planning out the large majority of the scenes that I want to include in the film. I also have planned out and began to work on a few special little parts that I want to include in various locations throughout the film. These things are going to be small but cool little parts that I wanna make into an Easter-egg type of notes throughout the short film.

The audio that I wanna include will be fit snugly into the scenes, (made by me) to play into the scenes and progress the story in certain ways. I’ll use photography in a similar way, to play into the espionage activities that I will depict in the show.

I’m still working on this project myself, which I’m okay with, I’m just going to need the help from one of my friends to get the footage. No problem there, either. Overall, I’m really looking forward to putting this stuff all into action, and getting my final product all squared up.

Thanks for reading!

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