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Midnight Vigil, P.I.- Logo Design

Hey there everyone! I hope you’re having a great and productive Saturday. I have spent a lot of my time working on our assignments for the week, and I’m looking forward to getting some more done.
So far, I am very much enjoying this design-centric week.

This next 4-star assignment I have completed is called “Create a Logo that is simple but detailed“.

I have a lot of experience creating logos already, because I owned a fitness company last year. Because of the fact that we sold things on Amazon, I wanted to make sure that the logo that I selected to put on my products was very clean, simple, and professional. In case you’re wondering what my brand’s logo ended up looking like- this is it.

Do you like it? Do you not? Let me know! Personally, I thought it was well balanced, minimal, and I think the logo matched the name very well.

So on to my new logo, or- better put, my secret agent’s new logo. I created this logo under the guise that I was making a logo for my Rich Lancer’s new private investigation firm. I picked the name ‘Midnight Vigil’ because in my mind, I visualize spies spending a lot of time out late, watching over situations and taking notes on their targets. Rich opened a new P.I. firm because he was tired of the bureaucratic things he encountered where he previously worked. And his frustrations totally makes sense. The high-visibility agency he worked for before was always forced to tip-toe around laws- even in his own country, and Rich couldn’t stand it.

This being said- without further adieu, here’s the logo Rich and I came up with.

The spherical connections are meant to represent the global network of information that his firm can, and will tap in to in order to solve a case.

Let me know what you think down below! Would you hire Rich as a P.I.?

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  1. Paul February 26, 2019

    I wonder what the design would look like if it had a black or midnight blue background, with light type and lines. It seems like it would emphasize the “night” idea, with the network graphic acting as a constellation. Just a thought

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