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Logo-merger, pt. 2

I chose to re-visit my four-star logo-merger assignment from week 5. I enjoyed this assignment a lot, and I think it will be fun to try to out-do myself. I’ve gotten more experience with photo editing software now, so I think it will be easy for me to go ahead and do better than before. Here’s the link to my original write-up for logo-merger part one.

My first task is obviously to pick two companies to merge. I don’t have any preferences, plus if they’re random, I might have a better challenge on my hands. To really mix things up, I’m simply going to look around the room that I’m in for two random brands that are somewhat recognizable to blend together into one mega-brand.

The brands:

The brands that I’ve located nearest to me, are Starbucks, Nike, The North Face, and Champion. I suppose I’ll go with a sports-themed brand merge. I have an idea of how I could mix all three brands into one logo.

This is the quick sketch I made to model what I was imagining

I went to pixlr to see what I could do.

This was a clip from my process. I actually got stuck trying to do this for quite some time.

My luck seemed to have gotten stuck for while, as I tried to make Pixlr work for me, I found a super helpful YouTube video that I would recommend to anyone struggling with Pixlr.

I’m really happy with how my three-brand mashup turned out. let me know what you think of it down below!

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