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Live and Let Design – Week 6

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog for another weekly summary. This week, week six, we focused on design elements of our human experience. I started this week with a pretty loose concept for what design really was. I had an idea, but now that I’ve read decent chunks of the readings that were assigned, I have a much better grasp of what actually constitutes design.

I started this week out by taking out all of my required stars. The first assignment I did was the body image book cover assignment. I enjoyed this assignment, and I took my inspiration from some of my all time favorite book covers.

After that, I designed a logo for my secret agent’s new private investigation agency. I used the logo-making process from a website to come up with a base product, and then went on to edit it to reflect my tastes afterword. If you want to check that post out, here it is.

On to my favorite assignment of the week, I did a logo-redesign. I spent a decent amount of time looking around for something to redesign, and I think I found a good thing to remix. The colors really made the logo pop, I think I did as good as I could’ve in matching the logo letters to the actual logo lettering.

After I completed my star requirement for the week, I finished things up with a reflection on the assigned readings that I talked about already. I really liked that the pamphlet that was assigned on design really taught via example. I appreciated that as it introduced a topic, it showed what the practical application of it was inside of the following photos.

The last thing I completed for week 6 was the design blitz. The design blitz was my favorite part of the week, and you can read my thoughts on that there! All and all, this week was a lot of fun.

Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

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