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Last stars- Room Design

Hey everyone! I’m working quickly on this afternoon to finish out our last few assignments for the week. For this last assignment- we’ve been tasked to develop a ‘design’ for our dream room. I suppose there are just a few key items that I would want to ensure are in my bedroom before I would be content with my ‘ultimate dream room’.

Part one:

The main component of my room would be a large garage, where I could work on cars and also my motorcycles without freezing/ dying from the heat (like I currently do in my garage).

Part two:

In the corner, I’d love to have a cool lounge where my friends and I could hang out, watch videos, and play games together. Notice that it is still garage themed.

Part three:

Another super cool component that I would want to incorporate into my ‘dream room’ would be a power lifting gym. I already have one in my house, but consolidating these things into one area, like my one gigantic bedroom, would be awesome.

Part four:

The last thing I would like to include in my room would obviously be my own bed. I have always thought suspending a bed from a ceiling would be an efficient/ great way to use space. The use of this type of suspended stow-away bed in this garage/gym/lounge space would be a perfect way to use the space efficiently and it could also be a good way to store other items inside the bed frame.

Thanks for reading!

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