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Hey there everyone, today I’m tacking a few more stars, 4.5 more- to be exact. I took on the movie trailer mashup assignment with some ideas already in my head. I initially wanted to mix Skyfall with a Mr. Bean type of character to cut the serious spyishness with a buffoon, but the difference in the clips that I sourced was just too extreme. Instead, I used another silly villain. I remembered that one of my favorite parts of the Kingsman movie was that the villain was kind of the comic relief of the film, which was something that I had never seen before in the spy theme.

That being said, I mixed the two movies by making the typical badass Bond montage, but also mixed in the funny bits of Richmond Valentine- the villain from Kingsman. To make the movie, I simply screen recorded both trailers on my phone, and then clipped out the parts that I want/ didn’t want to use. After I had a good chunk of clips, I threw them all into iMovie on my cell phone and blended them together. I carefully selected transitions that best fit the scene/dialogue- so if you pay close attention you’ll be able to see the differences in some of my scene transitions.

Let me know down below what you think! Did the villain make you laugh at all? If you hated it, be sure to let me know that too!

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