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I made a sick beat

First off, I was inspired to make my sick beat by my classmate, Christina’s sick beat. I also used freesound.org to acquire all of the sounds I needed to make my beat, and I wanted to go for a much more techno-inspired beat for mine. I used 808s, distorted snares, and claps to make my intro, while for the last part of mine I took a clip of a song and distorted it, put a reverb on it, added some bass and adjusted a few more odds-and-ins to get my final result.

I really wanted to start with a standard 808 style beat, and to progressively build up the energy as best as I could. Let me know what you think! I had a lot of fun playing around with the sound mixers for this one.

(Also, sorry for the swear word in the song title, I saved it as that in my computer and totally forgot to edit it before I uploaded it.)

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