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Guinness Book Of World Records (REMIX)

Hey there everyone! Thanks for clicking into another one of my blog posts discussing my work so far for this class. This week, we have been tasked with acquiring 8 stars worth of activities. Yesterday, I tried to do the BuzzFeed personality quiz assignment, but ran into some difficulties getting the quiz to display properly. I’m still working on squaring that away, but as it is ready I will post it and make it available for you all to take for yourselves.

This post below is the work that I came up with when I attempted the ‘Remix Guinness Book Of World Records’ assignment, which can be found here. I started with this record, and remixed it for a comical twist.

The backstory to this record was that a soccer mom was late for her Pilates class. This class is her only highlight in a week filled with errands and chores, Susan Smith was NOT about to miss her class. She was clocked at 99999.91 mph because the police radar that pulled her over could not go any higher. The officers impounded the vehicle, and they were super surprised to find that the van was powered by Rolls-Royce jet engines. To this day, it is not known if Susan made it to her Pilates class that day.

Thanks for reading! I hope I was able to make you laugh somewhere on this post. Leave a comment!

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