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Final Project Summary

Hey everyone! We did it. This semester is coming to an end faster than I can believe. The semester went by incredibly quickly for me, and before we knew it, here we are. I’m really proud of the things that I have accomplished for this class this semester, and I had a lot of fun doing some of these things. At times, this class got to be overwhelming with just the workload and the timing of some of my other classes coinciding poorly with our schedule. That being said- I’m glad to have done it all with a good attitude and putting in an amount of effort that I could put my name on- the entire time.

I used some of the skills that I learned in the online phase of our class, to create a forum post from a ‘fan’ talking about how much they enjoyed the last new season of my made up show, ‘SPIES’. I posted a summary of that mission accomplishment online a few days ago. Here, you can read about that.

For another component of my project, I used the skills that we learned in the two audio weeks of assignments to create a mock police radio call, that would come to my character at some point throughout my show. I knew when it would be coming when I created it, but I didn’t want it to give away too much information about the show initially when I made a post only about the audio clip. Here’s that blog post. Additionally- audio wise; I did a lot of behind the scenes editing within iMovie to make my audio sound more crisp. This was especially the case when it came to recording my voice overs. Also sprinkled in a couple of sound effects here and there to build ambiance.

Finally, the discussion for the largest part of my project. Film. When it came to the filming of the project, I spent a lot of time working with my friends to capture things in just the right way. We took most scenes multiple times. This, of course, led to a ton of raw film for me to work with/ work through. I think this was helpful in the long run, because it allowed me to pick and choose the best sequences for me to include in the final cut. I Think we did a pretty good job at capturing a ‘cops’ show feel, even with the scenes where I had to film on my own, because nobody was available to hold the camera for me. I think it is noticeable, but not overtly obvious- so I’m proud of the creativity that it took me to mask that in some of my scenes.

What I got out of this project was that I got to experience what it was like to act as a ‘director’ to this type of production. I had a vision of what things should look like, and for the first time I was able to see the process that would be required, in detail, to make that vision happen. I thought this was very cool, and I like that I now have this ability.

I had a team of people, and only a few opportunities to make my vision come into play. With the couple of opportunities I had, I was able to make these visions into a reality. I believe that I am really lucky to have the friends that I do, because most people wouldn’t be able to pull off what I did by relying solely on friends to get it done.

I suppose that’s all I have to say about it. I hope you guys like my “Cops” spin-off:”Spies”. Without further delay, here is my final project, a blend of all of these elements. Thanks for a good semester eveyone.

Agent, out.

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