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Ds106 – Swede a Scene

Hey there everyone, today I took on the challenge of ‘sweding’ a scene. My friend and I thought for a few moments about which iconic scene we could recreate. Pretty quickly, we decided to go for the ‘get in loser, we’re going shopping’ scene from Mean Girls. Here it is:

Our process started with us attempting to break down the scene into key identifiable parts. We identified the camera locations, lines, camera angles, and positioning within the frames. While filming the scenes, we only encountered a few issues. The primary issue that we encountered while recreating the scene was forgetting lines, or forgetting the key components that would allow us to make the scene as close to the original as we could, within reason. For example, on one of the first takes, I forgot to include the double car horn honk that the girls do in the film. Aside from that, the only other real issue that was encountered was the wind.

I can now have a much greater appreciation for big-budget films and their outdoor scenes. The weather can make filming a scene outdoors much more difficult. More than a few times, while we were halfway through a scene, the camera was blown off of the stand. I think that good weather, and bad weather just the same, could make filming a movie and staying on-time incredibly difficult.

The scenes that we identified as key were as follows:

  • Girl waves at guy, road is behind her, she is to the left
  • Guy stops running, field is behind him, waves back
  • Camera goes back to girl, car pulls up, stops on the left of the frame
  • Car honks twice to get her attention, and then the iconic line is stated
  • Girl looks back at guy, but both are in the frame
  • Guy stops playing, watches her leave

Despite these issues, this assignment has given me a much better appreciation for angles, timing, filming in weather, and camera placement overall.

While I enjoyed doing this, I don’t think that this assignment should be 5 stars (though I’m happy to accept them). Also, if some of this language feels repetitive/weird, it is because I spent 45 minutes doing a really good write up, and then my laptop died and it did not save any of my work! So that was great, I tried my best to remember everything that I had talked about before- but I’m sure I missed something.

It is what it is, but I hope you enjoyed the remake of Mean Girls’ ‘Get in loser’ scene.

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