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Ds106.radio thoughts

Good afternoon everyone, in this post I’m going to be discussing my thoughts on the DS106.radio shows that aired on MT and Thursday. Unfortunately, I missed the Wednesday show because I totally forgot about it and I was in bed by the time the show aired.

Nonetheless, I very much enjoyed the shows that we listened to as a class. I was initially worried about the shows possibly being boring, but they were extremely engaging. It was also a lot of fun to hear my bumper! Watching my classmates tweet questions and comments during the show made it a lot of fun too, and easy to share thoughts.

After this tweet, a reply was sent and we agreed on the proposed source of the sound.

That was just one example of the conversations that we shared throughout the shows. I think overall, the shows were a good way to unite the class in one space at one time, and the tweets are a wise way to make us get involved.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience, but the only thing that I would change would be the times of the shows airing, potentially earlier in the day would work best for me, closer to 6 or something like that- but I understand that my schedule does not represent everyone else’s. Luckily, Professor Bond said that he would not hold it against us if we had other things to do on one of the broadcasting days.

Thanks for reading, did you enjoy the radio shows as much as I did? Let me know down below!

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