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Dry Erase Storyboard

Hey everyone, here’s my storyboard that I created for a short modern western movie. The time period that I imagined it being in was the early 70s, so not exactly modern, but not ancient. The original clip that I made was 36 minutes long. Obviously, this was super long. Nobody would sit down and watch that, so because of this, I uploaded the clip to iMovie to edit it and speed the video to 2x speed.

The hang-up that I encountered was that even at 2x speed, the video was still 18 minutes long. I had to export that clip, re-import it, and then speed it up again. This landed the video at 9 minutes, and then I had to redo the process once more to cut the video to a bite-sized 4.5 minutes.

After this video finished exporting, I re-imported it and did my voice over. Finally, I uploaded it to YouTube, and here we are.

Overall, this was a good 4-star assignment. I enjoyed doing it, and I hope it’s a short film that you think you’d watch.

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  1. Lauren March 25, 2019

    This was fun to watch, good job!

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