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Hey everyone, today I’m working on another blog post for week 5, and it is about the elements of design that we interact with throughout human existence.

After reading through decent portions of the two assigned readings about design, I feel like I have a much better understanding of what design is. I can now better understand the huge chunk of the human experience that is driven by design. Normally I go though my days, not thinking about design all that much. At the most, I will appreciate a nice car, or perhaps shoes, or something that might seem aesthetically pleasing to me. I do not think often of the fact that almost everything I interact with has been designed, redesigned, and processed by a person at some time in history.

One of the lines that really jumped out at me in the article A Kid’s guide to Graphic Design was this:

“Graphic design is purposeful planning that uses any combination of forms, pictures, words, and meanings to achieve one’s goal.”

Chip Kidd

I think that this is an incredibly interesting topic to discuss, because I don’t think that people often think about design in such away- but the quote rings true none the less. It is not debatable that despite what someone might think of design as a topic, that design is not used to create almost every single thing we interact with in our daily lives. Given this definition, it could even be said that we design animals for our benefit, companionship, or even food. These things are undoubtedly by design, though it might not be what comes to mind when someone uses the term ‘design’. In the audio clip below, Chip talks about how design impacts every single thing in our lives.

On to the questions:

I think these things are interesting to think about, but I think I can sum it up in one definition- somewhat heavily relying on the definition of design given already in this post. I think that the elements that make “a picture with words” different from a poster or a book cover are that the book or poster designs are thoughtfully created and designed to provoke an intended thought, feeling, or idea. A picture with words is using a photo, which may or may not give the same message as what is intended, and ‘forcing’ the words onto it. A poster is designed in reverse, where the idea is first, and the imagery comes second to promote it, and the photo with words will usually come in reverse.

I hope that makes sense! My work this week has built on my previous weeks because I am getting more experience in creating blogs, being creative, and thinking of new ways to solve the assignments. The thinks that I’ve learned from the photography week will definitely help me take better photos for the design blitz that we are doing this week, for example.

Thanks for reading!

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