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Hey there everyone, today I’m checking in today with another design assignment for week 7. My task for today was to create and design an item that could be used to represent our class. The route that I took was to design a shirt that could be worn by our fellow classmates to represent our radio show. This is the prompt that asked for me to complete this task, for two stars.

I figured that as a class, it would be fun to have something that we could wear as a unit that would allow us to identify each other on sight, without it being overly-obvious to everyone else. Due to the design limitations of the software that I used, I could only add 3 elements to the shirt overall, but I really like what I came up with.

The radio beacon ties into what we’re currently working on as a group, and our course title helps denote what it’s all about.
On the sleeve, I put the term ‘On Air’. I just thought it was a cool to put it on the side that nods to the fact that we will be broadcasting our work soon.

I tried to keep the design minimalist, so that nothing got lost in the overload of visual elements. I like that the font on the front is kind of ‘computer terminal-y’, and it speaks to the obvious digital element of our class.

Would you wear my shirt? Should we get some printed? Let me know down below!

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  1. Madeleine McCullough March 2, 2019

    Oh, this is a cool concept! T-shirts for our radio station, awesome!

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