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I had a lot of fun doing the design blitz this week, I don’t do a lot of things where I end up in a position where I can take a photo of something well designed, but I tried my best to snag a few good photos throughout the week. The things I found myself looking out for most was symmetry, minimalism, and colors. Not many objects/places that didn’t contain those key elements caught my eye.

Photo one:

Use of space, color, minimalism, color

This was the first design element that caught my eye early into week 6. I liked the use of the symmetry, minimalism of the table, and also the balance that it brought to the room. The main feature that I liked was that the photos were framed by the lamps. The use of space is denoted by how the table was placed on the side of the room. The minimalism shown in the two books being placed against the base of the lamp. The colors that caught my eye was the darkness in the table that contrasted the brightness of the lights very well.

Photo two:

Function, use of space, unity

I know this isn’t something that would often get noted for the design that goes into it, but I don’t see how the design isn’t noteworthy. Namely, the use of space by the farm to keep the the horses inside their field. The unity can be seen in the elements of the photo, the field makes me think of animals, and the fence plays into that same theme. The function is kind of obvious.

Symmetry, function, use of space, proportion

Here’s another photo that I took throughout the week, I wrote the elements that it represents in the caption. In short, the function of the hall is evident in all of he places to sit. Much more is involved too, but the symmetry is my favorite (again).

Color, message, symbols, and balance

This is a photo that I took over the summer, in Rome. This was a ceiling in one of the buildings that I toured, I wonder who can guess which one it is? I really enjoyed doing this blitz, and it gave me so much to think about while walking around all day.

Thanks for reading!

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