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Hey there everyone, thanks for tuning into another audio assignment from me here in week 5 of DS106. Today I took on the 3-star daily remix audio challenge. In short, the assignment was to take three (or more) sounds that you hear on a daily basis and do whatever you can to them in Audacity to make them unrecognizable.

Sound one: the background. In the background of my audio clip, a strange beeping sound can be heard. I figured people would assume it was an alarm clock, but it was actually my microwave beeper, reversed, with an adjusted pitch, looped, and wahwah’d (not a typo, that’s the name of an effect in Audacity). I thought the steady beeping sound in the back would make for a type of ‘beat’ to the madness that was to unfold. Also, I use the microwave for my oatmeal- in case you were wondering.

Sound two: the coffee pour. I had a lot of fun creating this sound. In the clip, it is the first sound other than the beeping that you can hear. The process to getting the final sound was a lot of fun, and I found myself laughing a lot of the time at the crazy and weird sounds I could make it into. The end result was a big cocktail of effects in Audacity, including but not limited to, an echo effect, reverb, bass & treble adjustments, sliding stretches, and a fade out.

Sound three: the toaster. The original sound was a very harsh metallic springing sound, and I had to almost immediately lower the Db level to -21 or so in order to make it bearable to listen to with my headphones. After that, I went through a lot of effects to find a very slowed down (-70%) version of what I started with.

Were you able to tell what any of these things were, despite my efforts? I would bet that the coffee one wasn’t super difficult to guess, given the photo on my soundcloud post. Let me know what you think down below, or if you want some help recording things feel free to ask a question below.

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