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Hey there! Welcome back to my blog. Today for three stars, I’ve got a game for all of us to play. Following this paragraph, there will be three photos that I took at various points throughout my day. The first photo will be a very close up photograph of said items, and then later on in the post there will be a zoomed out where you can see if your guesses were correct. Let’s get started!

Close up A, can you guess it?
Close up B, can you guess it?
Close up C, can you guess it?

DON’T KEEP SCROLLING YET! Take a moment to write down your guesses, before scrolling any further!

Close up A was a fridge door! Did you guess it? I picked this, and turned it sideways because I thought it would distort your perceptions. Definitely the hardest one to guess out of my batch- partially because it was so random.
Close up B was a mango! I think this one was probably pretty easier. I wanted to zoom in closer- but it was almost impossible to make my camera focus on the skin for whatever reason.
Close up C was coffee! I think if any of you are coffee fiends, you probably guessed this one with ease.

Let me know down below in a comment how many out of the three you got!

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  1. Morgan February 8, 2019

    Not gonna lie this was hard! I couldn’t even think to guess for the first and last one. For the second one, I thought it might of been a potato.

    • admin February 8, 2019 — Post Author

      Haha, maybe I made it slightly harder than I had expected! Maybe I’ll include hints next time. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Paul February 8, 2019

    I like how the first image makes for an interesting abstract composition. It shows how you can find art in the details, with the proper framing.

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