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Hey everyone, today I pieced together the shots that I filmed a few days ago. I’ve been super busy throughout the middle part of this week, so I’m really glad I front-loaded my work again last weekend.

I thought it was cool to make a documentary-type of film about my spy character. The interesting twist that I added to it was that my character, Rich, doesn’t want to be a spy anymore. It was the major twist that I thought would hook viewer’s attentions from the get-go. Most spy films are focused around how awesome being a spy was, and people think about how awesome being a spy would be. I thought it was interesting to make my spy think of his job as something that was not so awesome.

I really tried to make it get across the point that not all parts of being a spy is awesome, and it can be just as much of a drag to some people as their job in a cubicle is for others. I also tried to use some of the shot strategies that I learned in class last week. I hope some of it showed in the production quality! Thanks for reading.

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