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Body image book cover

Hey everyone! Welcome to week 5 of #DS106. We are getting into design. For my first 5 star design assignment of the week, I have taken the challenge of creating a body image book cover. Personally, I have always been more drawn to books with covers that are not all that busy. In honesty, I like books that have very minimalistic covers. Two examples of my favorite book covers from books that I have read would be The Thank You Economy, Good to Great, and some others that are similar.

My book cover design was mostly inspired by the thank you economy’s cover, hence the orange cover. I remember being initially drawn to the book because of the orange cover. I have no idea why, but it has always been something that stuck out in my mind.

Body dysmorphia is something that has been a hot topic of discussion for many years. Between magazines and news talk shows, it seems to always be a talking point nowadays. This being said, body dysmorphia has just now been brought to the forefront of the weightlifting community’s discussions.

At first thought, it might not make sense, but people who spend many hours working to improve their figure and strength in the gym every week also suffer from body image issues. The people who come to mind more often when we think of body image issues struggle with exactly the same problems as some of these professional bodybuilders and powerlifters do. Anyway, I’m not sure where I’m really going with this, but here’s the body image book cover I made, I think it’s an important topic for discussion going forward.

I wanted to keep the cover simple, and I used a few tools on pixlr.com to edit the image and draw up the body on the cover. I used the blur tool to make the image less sharp from where I drew on the body.

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