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Audiofinger weekly summary

Hey there everyone. This is my weekly summary for week 5 of our class, DS106.

Sounds are things that a lot of people take for granted. Sure, we learn that they are one of our 5 senses growing up, but not a whole lot of emphasis is placed on it after that. We move through life receiving TONS of information from our ears (well, most of us do) and never really think twice about it. Sounds tell us stories because they fill in all of the gaps that our other senses miss. And sometimes, when the other senses are lacking, what we can hear can fill in those gaps too. The sound of sizzling oil makes us think of a morning breakfast, and we can almost smell it by that description alone. I think it is very cool to think about and emphasize what we use our ears for, and how much they help us.

on to the summary:

Here’s what my week started with- my story without words. I really enjoyed making this project- a theme that will be consistent across many of my comments today. I found the most fun in sourcing new sounds and editing them to fit into my sound profile on the project.

After that, I made my radio bumper. I used a lot of crazy sounds at the start to grab the attention of listeners and draw them into the radio broadcast. It was cool to hear my clip broadcasted at the start of the show. I wrote a lot in the article about the things I did to make this, if anyone is interested.

On this post, I outlined the qualities that I think would make for a great radio show for my group to take on. Not surprisingly, nobody said they were interested in the powerlifting broadcast that I outlined in my ‘ideal radio show’ description.

After that, I wrote up my thoughts on the moon graffiti podcast. Overall, I thought it was really interesting and worth a listen.

On this blog post I took out a few of my weekly star requirements on and remixed my morning sounds into a distorted strange track that you can listen to here. My favorite part of this activity was sourcing the sounds, just walking around my kitchen and looking for distinct noises that I could turn into something that was not so distinct. I made a sick beat right after that too, to take out even more stars.

My final stars of the week were accomplished by my making of a really relaxing track, that I honestly think could be played on a 10 hour loop without getting too annoying. Maybe a few other variations in the track would be needed to make it less repetitive, but I honestly don’t think it would need a whole lot of doctoring up to make it very loop-able.

Here’s my daily create summary post. I had some fun with these this week, and I was glad that the requirement stayed low. To pair that up with another summary post, I also posted my thoughts on ds.106/radio here, for you all to consider.

closing thoughts:

Overall, I think this week was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed doing the audio assignments- and I’m pretty proud of the thinks I came up with, especially since I had zero prior experience with any sort of audio editing before this week. I urge anyone reading this to check out the relaxing track and the wordless story posts, if you’re interested in seeing what I’m most proud of from this week. My only complaint is the star count. 12 is simply too much. I said this in my summary last week as well- these star assignments are not trivial, and acquiring 12 stars has come in front of me doing other homework for other classes two weeks in a row now. I think that lowering the star requirement a little will allow us to be more selective, and produce better quality work throughout the week.

Thanks for reading!

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