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Hey there everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today, to finish up my final 2.5 stars for the week, I went and tried my hand at creating a relaxing beat that could be ‘looped for ten hours’. I hope that when you hit play, you hear something that you think you’d be able to play for 10 hours.

I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. I thought that if I started with something very simple and built up, the beat would come together pretty quickly. I’m really happy with the end result.

The base of my beat was the rain that ran through the majority of the 0:34 second tune. I added in some steady metal-on-metal ‘chinging’ in the background to liven up the beat with a sound that the listener could subconsciously (or consciously) anticipate. After that, I added in the bongos to finish things off. I didn’t want to make the beat ‘too much’. If I added too many elements, I knew it would end up being distracting.

Thanks for reading!

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