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A conversation in Italy

Listen to this short audio story with headphones before continuing:
Who is involved? What is happening? Stay tuned.

Thanks for listening to my short ‘wordless’ story. I consider this to still be my wordless short story– despite the people speaking in Italian; because they provide no actual narration to the story. (That is, unless one of you speaks Italian, in which case, I have no defense.) This all being said, I wanted to make a mystery themed short story.

This post was super helpful in the making of this clip, and I suggest all of you watch it in case you need help looking for a place to start.

This brings me to my questions for the listeners. Did you notice anything that interested you about the placement of the sounds ‘inside of the headphones’? That is to say, certain sounds from the left or right? Did anything sound like it was muffled, or farther away? These were some of the things I was going for while I was editing it. I actually really enjoyed playing with the Audacity software, and it was cool to make something out of completely unrelated clips.

Now that you’ve already heard it, I can get into the details of the story itself. The audio is from one of my spy character, Rich’s last mission in Italy. He was sent to spy on and take photos of a high-level mobster and his associates. They were suspected of human trafficking, weapons sales, and smuggling heroin into the US. After tracking them to a safe house, Rich took photos of the scene from afar in his car. Everything changed when his target, Antonio Macci was killed by right hand man, along with everyone else in the room. Rich drove off after the murders because he needed to make some urgent calls back to the states.

Let me know what you think of the story! If you listen to it after reading this, does it make more sense? Let me know down below.

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  1. Lauren February 11, 2019

    This was really fun to listen to, I felt like I could picture the day as the sounds continued. I loved that the story was also a mystery, that was cool.

    • admin February 12, 2019 — Post Author

      Thanks a bunch. It actually took almost two hours because I got pretty into it- glad you appreciated it!

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