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1-Star Code Assignment

So I’ve always been a little bothered that there are zero code assignments in our assignment bank, because it is what I’m best at out of the bunch we can choose from. Also, even though it’s easy to forget, this is a CPSC class- for whatever reason.

The code that I chose to write was a simple initials maker? Not sure what to call it. It uses the name that you input to spit back out at you your initials, in case you needed something to help you figure out what they were. My favorite feature of this is that the code will automatically capitalize the initials for you. For example, even if you input a ‘b’ for the first letter of your first name, the code will return a “B.” for that part of the output. Pretty nifty.

Go and create some code assignments, there seems to be so many of the other options, I don’t see how I had to make the very first!

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