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Week 2 – assignment 2

This post was inspired by my classmate, Riley’s post.

The link to the original visual mashup assignment page is here. After seeing Riley’s post from above on the ds106.us class feed, I was inspired to try my hand at making a mashup advertisement- between two competitors. I had actually just gotten home from a grocery trip when I started to brainstorm brands to mashup. Still sitting on the counter were a few silk milk yogurt cups, and from there I got the idea of mixing the legendary milk ad with a silk milk ad.

‘Got milk?’ is easily one of the most recognizable brand ads ever made.

Playing on the rebellious and youthful nature of going ‘against the norm’ of drinking animal milk, I chose to give the mashup a punk vibe with the spray paint feature in Microsoft paint.

I simply downloaded the original ‘got milk?’ ad and zoomed in pretty close, so that I could get sharper lines in my design. I didn’t think a green ‘S’ by itself was very obvious- so I added the leaf to ensure it was a pro-plant ad. Let me know if you’ve ‘got silk’, or if you think the whole idea is dumb and you hate it. Either or!

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