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Week 1 summary

I was kind of surprised that I faced such a strong learning curve coming into this class. But since I’m not a big social media person, it wasn’t as bad to use the sites as I expected.

Like I mentioned in my introductory post, I try to actively spend time away from the internet. It has just never really been my thing. Aside from youtube- which I used to spend way too much time on. Actually, spending a lot of time on youtube too often was exactly what made me realize how much time I did spend on the internet, and that it was something I wanted to change. Despite all of this, I went on and created the required accounts, and while I hit a couple of roadblocks along the way while amking my domain I got through it. On Jan. 14th, I sent my first tweet for DS106.

Here was my first Instagram post for DS106, where I introduced two of my (four) dogs.

Some of the things that I learned through this week were:

  • How to create/ claim a domain
  • The confirmation email for a domain registration is not always easy to find/ readily available
  • What an RSS feed is
  • How to subscribe to an RSS feed
  • What WordPress is
  • How to use WordPress to create a cool blog
  • A lot of other things as well

Earlier today, I also shared my blog post about what I think of the secret agent theme that our course work will share. Without reiterating too much of what is on that post– I think it is a good idea. Additionally, I am excited to see what our class can come up with. The reason I didn’t post it yesterday (like I had planned to) was because my brown four-legged son that you met in my Instagram post decided to run away from home, and I spent the good majority of my afternoon looking for him.

Another one of my big wins this week was that I managed to reply to all of the daily create challenges, which I am pretty proud of, considering I only have my phone on me/turned on for a few hours of the day.

Here’s my soundcloud too.

The hardest time I had, out of everything was signing into the part of the SoundCloud app that let me cerate something for myself- which I could never get into. I shot an email to their support team, but they haven’t gotten back to me yet- so that explains the missing SoundCloud clip. I simply put a song that I like in my intro post to fulfill the requirement. Thanks for reading this wall of text, have a good one everybody

Overall, creating things for this class is something that I am looking forward to continuing and I think that once I get a better grasp of the thing that I can make, I will really take to enjoying this course. Continue to scroll to view my tweets, or give me a follow.

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