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Hello there, welcome to my new blog. My name is Brandon. I’m a 20 year old new-ish transfer student, going into my second semester at UMW. For work, I am a Computer Scientist at NSWCDD (intern) and for fun I powerlift, ride my motorcycle, and hang out with my family. Here’s a big part of my family (to find their names, you’ll have to read the Instagram caption):

Another big part of my life is also investing. In stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate; all of it. Investing has completely reshaped how I view money, my time, my life’s plans, and the world. By the way, it’s not nearly as cool or as intricate as this stock image I found makes it seem.

I won’t lie, blogging has never been something I was interested in. Honestly, I actively try to limit my time spent on social media. I would rather spend time doing something that I see as ‘more constructive’. Despite this predisposition, I am trying to come into this class with an open mind. Maybe I’ll start to like it, who knows. Writing this very post got to be a lot more fun as I worked my way through it. If you made it this far, thank you for reading. There’s more to come.

Here’s a bonus video that shows the kind of things my friends and I do.
Here’s a classic song that I like, if that’s your thing.

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